Social Media gives micro and small businesses a cost-effective way to reach their customers/market. It is an innovative way of using online services for relationship selling – by establishing a two-way communication between current/prospective customers and the company.

Social Media Management (SMM) is therefore the contribution, monitoring, measuring and guiding of the social presence of the organisation, client-company, brand product or individual. At a business level, social media management is the collaborative use of social media tools and channels (platforms) to accomplish the desired organisational objectives of client-companies. An example of such use is the Facebook tool that was launched in 2015 that allows businesses to see how many Facebook users are near its location and which of them have been exposed to their ads within the previous month.

While the use of social media as a business tool can help you market your business, you should know how to use it effectively and efficiently to be able to generate tangible ROI for your business. You will also have to dedicate ample time to it because as a strategy, it is a lot more complicated and involved than can envisage.

Notable companies such as Audi used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to support the advertising drive that started at the Super Bowl XLV.

Simie Consult offers Social Media Management (SMM) services to micro and small sized enterprises at very attractive and affordable rates to support them in achieving their business objectives.